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Building Rotating Bulb, Solar Street Light, Driver Based Rechargeable LED, Tube Lights and other lighting products for a better tomorrow!
About Our Company

Modern customers want lighting fixtures and products that are crafted with an excellent level of design knowledge. No more are products like LED Bulb, Solar Light, Flood Light, Highbay Light and Street Light considered as some throwaway items that can be replaced or discarded after a few months of use. Today, customers prefer buying such products that are not just innovative or energy efficient but long lasting too.

With technology taking strides at a lightning speed, it is paramount for a light manufacturer to stay at the forefront of design & engineering excellence and technology progress so that it can craft products with improved features that can illuminate spaces like never before, and that too at cost saving prices. We, Light Saving Industries, as indicated by our name, are specialized in building energy efficient lighting solutions that are unmatched in the industry. We are one of the true specialized manufacturers and wholesalers of Music Bulb, C Series Flood Light, Lens Model Street Light, DOB Rechargeable LED, LED Lights AC LED Bulbs, B22 Cap, Night Lamp, etc. We know what it takes to meet demanding needs of modern-day architects, interior decorators, electrical engineers and others who want nothing short of the best lighting technologies for their projects.

Our Excellence As Real Saviors of the Lighting Industry!

A young company with many dreams, we are here to revolutionize the lighting industry of India. We know it is our job as a lighting expert to empower individuals and organizations and pave way for them to operate in a more sustainable manner with our expertise. Following reasons underline how we can make lighting brighter and living better a reality with our excellence:

  • Latest Lighting Technology: Using our unique, innovative and energy saving products is the best way to upgrade to the latest lighting technology without paying hefty bills. One can make massive savings on electric bills and at the same time remain kind to the planet by choosing our line  of Lens Model Street Light, Music Bulb, C Series Flood Light, DOB Rechargeable LED, and other products.
  • Less Carbon Footprint: We produce products that generate less heat and aid in minimizing the carbon footprint.
  • Low Cost Products: All our lighting solutions are certified and built to industry specifications, and are chosen for lighting residential, architectural and industrial properties at low cost.
  • Long Lasting Power: All our products are engineered to last and we can even design long lasting products to suit individual client requirements. 

Our Team of Experts, Our Backbone!

We can proudly work like a team with all our customers and deliver them the best in terms of product pricing and delivery timelines because of our own employees. Our dynamic crew comprising talented and skilled electronic engineers, mechanical designers, researchers, quality testers, software developers and more know how to delve smarter into the best available lighting technology, push frontiers of innovation, and create inspiring products that can meet needs of various application areas where product efficiency and energy efficiency are uncompromisable priorities.  

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